Trees are so interesting. According to the scientist Peter Wohlleben in his book The Hidden Life of Trees they can feel and communicate with each other. For example, four decades ago, scientists noticed that the giraffes on the African savannah were feeding on umbrella thorn acacias. The trees didn’t appreciate this. It only took the acacias a few minutes to send toxic substances into their leaves to drive the animals away. Amazingly, the acacia trees that were being eaten gave off a warning gas (ethylene) that signaled to near by trees of the same species that there was a crisis and all the forewarned treesRead More →

Pick up any self-help, how-to-succeed-in-business book and you’ll discover the reoccurring recommendation to blog. I know. I’ve read many of them. And, what is it they recommend blogging about? What you’re passionate about. What am I passionate about?  Well… I have a very good friend who claims that she just isn’t passionate about anything. Really? Nothing? To me, that would be worse than being passionate about something perceived as inappropriate like porn, or gambling although, there probably are successful porn blogs. Passion is one of the driving forces of life, no matter how fleeting or unpredictable. I’ve always known that one of my passions is human and civil rights. My passions forRead More →

As an artist, I like to think that my art will be around for a very long time. But, I don’t know it that will actually happen. For one thing, I paint acrylic paint on aluminum foil. There’s not question the paint will. It tries to a plastic-like polymer. There just isn’t any precedent for using it on aluminum foil. That got me to thinking lately about how many other alternative mediums there are out there and if any artists are making a name for themselves creating with them. I found this photo above in a Google Images search. Unfortunately, the artist’s name wasn’t listed. As nearRead More →